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We are all aware of the terms Blue Collar and White Collar.  Blue collar workers tend to work in trades or with their hands, white collar workers have office jobs, and that’s it, right?  Well, these days there are many more ‘collar’ colours – and even No Collar and New Collar workers.

The terms White Collar and Blue Collar were first used in the early 20th century.  Since then, pink, red, gold, green, purple, and many more colours have been added.  But perhaps the most interesting from an employment point of view, is the New Collar worker.

What is a “New Collar” Worker?

A New Collar worker is someone who has a range of soft and technical skills that have been gained through non-traditional education means.  This might be through internships or apprenticeships, vocational colleges or community colleges.  The benefits to employers with this type of worker is that they can often hit the ground running because they usually have a great deal of practical, on-the-job readiness.

So if you are an employer, think about what qualifications you really need in your staff and start thinking outside the box on their educational experiences.  And if you are a candidate, it might be time look outside the traditional options in education and when developing your career path.

New collar worker

What the Colours Mean


White – office worker

Blue – tradie or labourer

Pink – hospitality and retail

Red – government workers

Green – environmental and energy workers

Brown – military

Orange – mining and prison


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