Are You a Grappling Hook or Magnet? A grapple (or grapnel) is a clawed, anchor-like hook used in seizing, holding or dragging. One of its original uses was during sea battles to hold an enemy ship for boarding. It creates a powerful image in the mind, doesn’t it? It evokes a feeling of being controlled in order to achieve a hostile objective. It’s not a pretty image.

On the other hand, a magnet only works with objects that are naturally drawn to it. It cannot hold on to anything that does not have the proper make-up to be attracted to its magnetic field. It cannot “seize and hold” an object that is not the right match for its purpose. 

When you think about how you “market” yourself as an employee, manager or business owner, are you a grappling hook or a magnet? If you’re being a grappling hook, you feel the need to grab and drag people into your business or team in order to get what you want. You’re desperate to hold on to staff, customers, clients because you’re afraid they’ll leave or won’t engage your services. 

If you’re being a magnet, you are attracting the people who are naturally drawn to you. You are being authentic, and you are fulfilling your own purpose. You are making the choice to work with people who are the best fit for you. You are able to let go of those who are not the right match for you. This is a more Yin approach that women can excel at. It’s our form of leadership and it’s powerful and feminine!

Having the choice to be a grappling hook or a magnet applies to every area of your life. You can make the choice to be a magnet with beliefs, money, or relationships. Pay attention to how you are being in your life, and be a magnet!

© 2020 Brenda Rogers

Our guest blog article is written by Brenda Rogers.

Brenda Rogers is The Menopause Coach. She’s a naturopath and credentialed life coach, specialising in transformational health and wellbeing for women in midlife. She helps women transform from a hot, sweaty mess into a feminine powerhouse who’s cool, calm and confident, able to make an impact and inspire others.