The US department of health estimates there are 2000 new chemicals that come into existence each year. That’s a lot! The issue with this is that many of these haven’t been tested for their potential side effects. It’s these chemicals that we use in our cleaning, makeup, skincare, in everything we use.

What people tend to forget is that what we breathe in, put on our skin and eat, we consume. While it may be only little amounts used in one go those small amounts add up into this cocktail effect of chemicals. By mid-morning the average woman will have consumed around 300 harmful chemicals in what she eats, cleans with, sprays, puts on her skin, in her makeup… It’s crazy!

When we look at society as a whole and our use of harmful chemicals it can seem scary. However, there is hope! There are simple and effective ways that you can kick out harmful chemicals and reduce the toxins in your life.

I’ve been on this journey for seven years now!  I can tell you it will transform the way you feel about wellness and it will change your energy! And who doesn’t want to feel better overall!

For me it meant no more dermatitis, no more hay fever and a whole lot of other amazing effects.

Larissa Wright Wholistic Wellness Hub

Here are my top tips for those who want to get started on the low tox band wagon.

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1. To avoid overwhelm as you start this journey, pick a place to start and just do it.

I started with swapping out items one by one in our laundry, our washing liquid, washing powder and soaps. This was a good place to start as it was necessary. I would get dermatitis on my skin, so any soaps and liquids needed to be replaced immediately. For you, swapping your kitchen products might be a better place, or make up, whatever suits you as a starting point.

2. I like Do It Yourself so I make a lot of my own products.

Namely, washing liquid, washing powder and sprays. All use 5 ingredients or less, are cost-effective and easy to use. My liquid makes 10 litres great for a family of 6!! If you don’t like making them, check out what’s at the supermarket or online. Do what makes it easy for you. As an FYI essential oils make an easy addition to any DIY and are a great cleaning tool in themselves.

3. Read what’s in your products.

This is important as certain ingredients are hidden in our ‘eco-friendly’ products. But knowing what ingredients are good and not so good is important. There is a great app you can add to your phone called ‘the chemical maze’. Type in the ingredient and you can read how it fairs and what potential effects it can have on your body systems. Knowledge is definitely power when it comes to low tox.

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4. Talk to others and find out how they kicked out chemicals and what they use.

There are some awesome groups online and meet-ups. Learning from others is empowering and helps you to decide your next step. Not sure where to start, reach out and I’m happy to direct you.

5. Low tox mindset: Going low tox is part of a healthy lifestyle.

There are many areas you can focus on. Pick one and get started. Having a low tox mindset is empowering also. The way we respond, the words we speak, the behaviour we display all goes into having a low tox mindset. When you realise you can indeed do this you’re already on your way to make necessary changes!!

Going low tox can be one of the best things you will do for your health. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming and it is a lot of fun. As in anything new, taking that first step is what counts. One step -Then another. Keep moving forward. Make swaps in what you currently use – ditch and switch the nasties. Eventually you’ll have swapped a lot and you’ll realise it’s not hard at all.

My motto: just do it. It’s totally worth it. You can do it!

Larissa Wright

Wholistic Wellness Hub