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What has Covid Taught Us?

The Covid-19 Pandemic has certainly turned the world on its head. But honestly, it’s not all bad. Hear me out here. There have been a few key lessons which Covid has taught us that may well have been a little overdue, and that perhaps we may never have fully learned without the pressure of the pandemic.

Never before has it been so important to be open to change, be flexible, think outside the traditional box, and maintain open communication. And none of that is bad.

Covid-19 and the HR Department

For many human resources departments Covid has meant extending the scope of their brief into areas like virtual onboarding, managing staff from home, rewriting the books on staff management and procedures, interfacing with IT departments to ensure technology keeps up with working from home needs, reinventing the workday to allow for an effective work/life balance for those working from home, and so much more. All incredible opportunities human resources departments can leverage to ensure company culture is supported, and staff engagement maintained, whether they be working from home, the office, or a hybrid somewhere in between.

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Embrace the Change

According to pre-Socratic Greek philosopher Heraclitus “the only constant in life is change”.  This change has been fast and furious in the past couple of years. It hasn’t all been good, but that which has not been good at least has some lessons to teach us.

When things are relatively stable it is very easy to become complacent and fall into habits in the way we do things – both in business and in life. But just because that’s always the way we’ve done it, doesn’t necessarily make it the best way. Being forced to confront change means we need to take a good look at our processes and come up with something better. So, embrace the changes Covid-19 has allowed us to make and continue to be open to more.

Stay Flexible

One of the crucial learnings from Covid is surely that flexibility is essential to organisations staying afloat. This pandemic has been – and will continue to be for some time I suspect – unpredictable. We all need to stay on our toes and be ready to ‘pivot’ as the need arises.

For some organisations this has meant an unwillingness to plan, lest the plans be overturned by events. But that’s not the best way to look at things. The key is to build flexibility into our future plans, because it’s true, we never know when things might change, and change again, but having a flexible plan will stand us in good stead to survive that unpredictability.


Be Open to New Possibilities

In addition to embracing change and staying flexible, it is important these days to keep an open mind about how and where we are going.

Two years ago, most business managers would have said very few of their staff could work effectively from home for a whole host of reasons. Circumstances have forced us to prove otherwise.

So, when new ideas on how to operate our business come up, it’s worthwhile taking a serious look at them. This might mean ideas coming from the bottom up, rather than the top down, or from left field. Wherever they come from, being open to innovation means we have more potential to remain afloat, even when the worst happens, and to take advantage of circumstances we may not have ever considered before.


Lines of Communication

With so many staff now working from home, at least some of the time, gone are the days when information circulated via the watercooler.

For a company to succeed in the marketplace today, maintain a strong culture, and support employees, clear, considered, and purposeful communication is required. This ability to manage the narrative provides the opportunity to reinforce company culture whilst at the same time managing uncertainty and anxiety in the company workforce.

There are so many ways to stay connected with employees. Whether you prefer emails, internal blogs, vlogs or virtual meetings, or a combination of them all, keeping that communication channel open is critical to ongoing success. And always remember, effective communication is a two-way exchange, so remaining open and available is imperative.


The Role of HR

Human Resources departments can play a pivotal role in helping organisations reconfigure the way they do business, the way they plan for the future, and the way they communicate with and manage staff. Creativity of thinking is a vital ingredient in success in the ‘new normal’ we are now navigating.

A forward-thinking and talented HR team has never been more important than it is today.

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