June is a time when lots of people start thinking about where they are in their career, And with the couple of years we’ve just had thanks to Covid, many people are re-evaluating their career direction. But it can be tough to look at your CV and feel confident that you have the skills and experience to take the next step, or completely change direction. Here are a few thoughts to give you confidence to back yourself when you are ready to make that leap.

Formal Education isn’t Everything

It’s easy to think that without a degree you won’t get anywhere in life. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sure, there are careers where formal training is essential -nobody wants to be operated on by a guy who hasn’t been to medical school – but as the old saying goes, there’s more than one way to skin a Katz (see what I did there?). Employers are impressed by:

  1. Self-directed learning – this might take the form of research and reading every book you can get your hands on, or attending seminars, workshops, and short courses on the subject. Maybe it’s about doing volunteer work to gain knowledge in the field. The opportunities are endless. Whatever it is, this shows commitment and perseverance. Two very attractive traits to employers.
  2. On the job training – even if you are looking at going into a different field altogether, never discount the value of the skills you have learned on the job. They are often more relevant and valuable to an employer than theoretical knowledge. So talk up those skills you’ve gained. You earned it.
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In our recent newsletter we talked about the importance of leaving a professional footprint wherever you go. We can’t overstate how important this is. You never know who you may run into in the future, on your way up or even on your way down, or what position they may be in to impact your career. Even if they aren’t directly in control, you never know who they may know. So keep it professional and you can’t go wrong.


A bit like happiness, confidence can sometimes be a matter of fake it ‘til you make it. But there’s no doubt that appearing confident makes all the difference to the way you are perceived. If you project the belief that you’re the best person for the job, potential employers are halfway to believing it too. Just remember to always back your confidence with some substance, as we’ve talked about above.

This May Seem Counter-Intuitive, But…

In his book The French Art of Not Trying too Hard, the French philosopher Ollivier Pourriol explains how to perfect the art of achievement seeming effortless.

The thing is, to feel effortlessly confident you need to have all the pieces in place. Know your stuff (education), be involved (proactivity), strike the right note (professionalism), know your worth (confidence) and you will achieve that sense of not trying too hard that the most successful of people have perfected.

It all comes down to backing yourself. If you believe you deserve the job, it’s more likely an employer will too. So be don’t be shy. If you want the job, put in the effort to show you want it. Then go for it!

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